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PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride is widely used in the manufacture of conveyor belts due to its incredible versatility.

This useful property allows it to be manufactured in a multitude of different ways to suit a wide variety of purposes.

Extensive range in stock

PVC and PU belts have excellent chemical resistance, making them a perfect choice in the food industry as well as light to medium weight packing and recycling. We have an extensive range of PVC and PU belts available with various covers, colours and sizing in stock.

Work out what you need

The belts we have available are incredibly diverse. Choosing the right belt to suit your business requirements may be an arduous task but that’s the easy bit for us… Our extensive experience has helped hundreds of businesses find the right PVC or PU belt for their needs.

Our knowledgeable sales team will take you through the applications of each product, so you find the right belt for your business. From commodity agriculture to high technical specifications, we can assist.

Get the right belt for your budget

As an independent supplier of conveyor belting, we have the ability to supply belts from leading global manufacturers such as Yongli, Forbo, Nitta and Habasit and will help you choose the right belt to fit your budget.

Installation is easy

We ensure that our belts are delivered on time and can help with installation if required. We’ll get it fitted as soon as possible so there is no loss of service your end.

We do attachments too

We can supply any attachments you may need such as cleats, tracking ribs and sidewalls to ensure your belt functions exactly the way it should.

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