Flexi-Guard is the brand name for our own unique suite of transport products. Having started out in the transport industry over 50 years ago, our Flexi-Guard products have earned themselves an enviable reputation for durability and quality and our products are design patented.

Mudflaps and Fenders

Flexi-Guard mudflaps and fenders provide a practical and cost-effective solution to the problem of guarding truck tyres and preventing spray from reducing traffic visibility. They also reduce mud build-up and help prevent stone chip damage to your trailer or prime mover.

Proven in the Harsh Australian Outback

These products have already proven themselves in the harshest of environments – the Australian outback. The flexible and durable nature of natural rubber makes it capable of withstanding extreme climates and road terrain.

Our Flexi-Guard products will not bend or be knocked out of shape and the polyester-nylon reinforced rubber delivers an unmatched lifespan. It is designed to contour to all chassis movements and its simplicity and versatility means it can cope with anything the terrain throws at it.


Superior strength – so much so that they will usually withstand tyre blow outs.

Temperature control – the design allows for air circulation around the tyres diffusing head build-up and subsequent tyre fatigue.

High life expectancy – almost double that of competing products.

Easy installation – suitable for all makes of trucks and trailers.

Spray Suppressant – optional spray retarding bristles can be fitted to the outside edges of the rubber to contain the spray and increase road visibility from behind.


Our standard sizes are outlined below. Custom sizes can also be manufactured.

Tandem Kit (2 axles): 2.7m or 3.1m
Tri Kit (3 axles): 4.2m

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