We have waterjet cutting facilities in house with a 3D waterjet cutter in our Perth office and a 2D waterjet cutter in Brisbane.

These handy machines allow us to machine cut our rubber as well as many other materials, making our processes much more efficient.

High-pressure waterjet cutting

A waterjet cutting machine uses high-pressure water to cut through material. The advantage of waterjet cutting over laser and plasma techniques is that it is a cold operation, which ensures the chemical structure of the material is unaffected. It can also handle much more complex operations than a simple punch process.

Our capabilities

Our Perth based 3D waterjet cutter allows us to skive cut as well as straight-cut our rubber, streamlining our processes and making our rubber lining even more efficient.

It is has 5 axis 3D cutting head and a bed size of 2m x 5m so it has considerable functionality. It can be used for cutting wood, aluminium, steel, stone glass, plastics, cement boards and of course rubber, as well as many other materials.

Our 2D waterjet cutter in Brisbane has a 4m x 2m bed and allows us to mechanically straight-cut rubber, as well as other materials.

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