PVC Solid Woven Belts

//PVC Solid Woven Belts

PVC Solid Woven Belts

PVC solid woven belts provide a superior option when conveying is required in harsh external environments. They provide a high level of dimensional stability and flexibility, excellent cut and tear resistance as well as outstanding fastener retention characteristics.

They hold up extremely well to edge wear and delamination as well as moisture, mildew and rot, and are suitable for both roller or slider bed conveyors.



Fabric and Finishes

PVC solid woven belts have a polyester carcass with either brushed fabric or coated back finishes. Smooth or crescent top finishes are available. 

Strength, Widths and Lengths

Single plied interwoven solid woven PVC is available in various strength ratings from 120lb up to 450lb. Stocked materials can be cut up to any width up 72 inches wide. Single lengths are available up to 183m.




Typical industries using PVC solid woven belts include agriculture and grain handling, recycling, wood processing and timber yards, storage and distribution.

In-house Fabrication

All PVC solid woven belts can be fitted with cleats, tracking ribs or sidewalls depending on your requirements. They are supplied in either open cut lengths or endless (with spliced or mechanical fasteners). Our tech team can also fit your PVC solid woven belt onsite if required.

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