Bucket elevators are used for lifting products in bulk quantities that are in granular form, and can be anything from grains to concrete powder.

Product loads are usually lifted vertically to a higher point where it is unloaded onto a silo. To do this effectively, a high strength belt is combined with metal or plastic buckets attached to it.

Industry leading supplier

We supply elevator buckets, bolts, chain components and monitoring equipment from industry leader 4B, who have the world’s largest range of these items. With numerous sizes and styles to choose from, we can provide a bucket elevator for almost any product or application.

Our belts

We offer a wide range of conveyor belts to attach your bucket elevators to. From food-grade belts to abrasion resistant belts suiting more heavy-duty industrial applications, we have you covered. Browse our range of conveyor belts and PVC/PU belts.

Less maintenance and repair

By using a multi-layered fabric construction, our belts distribute the load evenly, thereby reducing elongation. As a result, the belts need less time to be re-tensioned, which means you’ll spend less time on maintenance and repair.

These designs are significantly lighter compared to conventional rubber belts and offer reduced energy consumption.

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