PVC General Purpose Belts

//PVC General Purpose Belts

PVC General Purpose Belts

PVC general purpose belts provide an excellent low-cost solution for general transportation of materials and unprocessed food products.

They’re used in a wide variety of applications and have good chemical, oil and water-resistant properties. This ensures that PVC general purpose belts can hold up to tough conditions while providing a good service life.



Fabric and Finishes

Our PVC general purpose belts are available in a 2, 3 or 4 ply polyester carcass. We also provide flexible or monofilament (stay flat) variants and a range of surface finishes such as matt, gloss, longitudinal groove and crescent top to name a few.

Widths and Lengths

Stocked materials can be cut to any width up to 3m. 4m is also available on request. Single lengths are available up to 200m.


Green, black, tan, white.


Typical industries using PVC general purpose belts include logistics and airports, industrial production, raw materials, paper and printing, recycling, agriculture and horticulture.

In-house Fabrication

All PVC general purpose belts can be fitted with cleats, tracking ribs or sidewalls depending on your requirements. They are supplied in either open cut lengths or endless (with spliced or mechanical fasteners). Our tech team can also fit your PVC general purpose belt onsite if required.

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