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Modular Conveyor Belts

Conventional conveyor belts aren’t suitable for certain applications due to their construction. Modular conveyor belts can provide an excellent solution when a specific size or configuration is required, and other belts aren’t appropriate. Modular conveyor belts eliminate the need for tensioning devices which significantly reduces belt edge damage.

We source our modular conveyor belts from Forbo using the Siegling Prolink system; a high-performance belt that is manufactured in accordance with the ISO 9001 QM-system and guarantees customer satisfaction.



Designed with practicality in mind

Forbo’s modular conveyor belt is functionally designed for diverse conveying and processing tasks. Connecting rods are inserted to join the individual modules, making them flexible and endless.

The material used is rot-resistant, durable and physiologically safe (all standard materials used are FDA compliant). Positioning, high pressure cleaning and drying is simple and they can also be used at extreme temperatures.


Forbo’s modular conveyor belts come in three standard materials which are outlined along with their benefits below:

Polyethylene (PE)Polypropylene (PP)Polyoxymethylene/
Polyacetal (POM)
  • very good chemical resistance to acids and alkalis
  • very good release properties due to low surface tension
  • good friction and abrasion behaviour
  • extremely tough
  • low specific weight


  • standard material for normal conveying applications
  • quite strong and stiff
  • good dynamic capacity
  • highly resistant to acids, alkalis, salts, alcohols
  • low specific weight
  • no risk of stress cracks forming


  • very dimensionally stable
  • very strong and stiff
  • high chemical resistance to organic solvents
  • lower drag
  • very durable material
  • hard, incision-resistant surface




Nb. Stainless steel connecting rods are also available.

A range of specialist materials are also available for unique and specific requirements. The full range can be found on Forbo’s website.


A range of designs are available including closed or flat top, flush or perforated top, raided rib or friction top, roller or cone top.

Pitch size

Straight belts come in the following sizes: 8mm, 12.7mm and 14mm, 25mm, 40mm, 50mm.
Side flexing or radius belts come in the following sizes: 25.4mm, 50mm.

Special Requirements

Plastic Modular Belts can be supplied with special edges, a range of standard or impact and abrasion resistant cross cleats (up to 100mm), side guards (up to 100mm) and a range of top surface finishes ensuring optimum efficiency on both flat or inclined surfaces.

System Components

Wear Strips are available to prolong the life of the belt. Square or round bore solid or split sprockets are available in a range of materials as well as shafts, finger transfer plates and pusher bars.

Widths and Lengths

Virtually any widths and lengths are available due to its modular nature.


A variety of colours are available, but they come predominantly in blue, black, white and grey.


Typical industries using modular conveyor belts include logistics and airports, industrial production, raw materials, paper and printing, recycling, agriculture and horticulture, mining and heavy industrial businesses.

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