Attachments and Cleats

//Attachments and Cleats

Attachments and Cleats

There are a wide variety of attachments and cleats available for your conveyor belt depending on its use and purpose.

We provide an extensive range of cleats, flexible wave walls and tracking ribs.



Cleats for inclined conveyors

Conveyors on an incline may sometimes require a belt with cleats on the carrying surface to prevent slippage of the conveyed items and increase the belt’s overall capacity. Cleats come in many different heights and varieties and their application depends on the characteristics of the conveyed items and the incline of the conveyor.

Wave wall

Wave walls effectively retain materials and goods within a conveyor belt by stopping leakage and spillage. They have a high resistance to wear and abrasion and are particularly useful for fluid like substances. We offer flexible polyurethane wave wall which can be applied to both PVC and PU belts.

Tracking ribs

Tracking ribs are used on conveyor belts to aid in the tracking of a belt to ensure it stays aligned and there is no loss of function. They can be fitted to the top, middle or bottom of a conveyor belt depending on the tracking issue.

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