Conveyor Issues with the Change of Season

As the temperature changes and we move into the cooler, wetter months, you may find that certain issues crop up more commonly with your conveyor system. There is often an increased risk of belt slippage, belt misalignment and carryback from scrapers during this time. General product build-up can also get worse because the product will be wetter, and it will therefore be harder to control and contain.

As there are more things you need to keep an eye on during the winter months, prevention is always better than a cure. There are a series of checks you can do leading up to this season and it’s a good time to book preventative maintenance such as repairs, refurbishments or re-lagging before more serious issues arise.

All Rubber can carry out regular system checks and monitoring if you’d like to outsource this task. Depending on the frequency and usage of your system, this could be recommended monthly, quarterly or even yearly, but you definitely want to do some standard checks before the wet season really hits.

Belt slippage – this is generally caused by worn or incorrectly installed pulley lagging. Consider re-lagging pulleys that have less grip, or weighing up the benefits of ceramic lagging (see ceramic lagging article).

Mis-tracking or misalignment – when you get moisture on components you lose friction and the belt is more likely to misalign. Minor issues in dryer months can get a lot worse in wetter months so it’s worth looking at the alignment of rollers/running gear and clear any build-up on rollers and pulleys. It may also be worth investing in belt trainers to assist with the straight and true running of the system.

Carryback – this can cause some serious problems in the winter months because of the higher moisture content of your product. General build-up of dust in summer becomes mud in winter, with product build-up in chutes and transfer points more likely, so make sure your cleaners are in good condition and well maintained.

All Rubber offers comprehensive condition monitoring reports, not just of the belt but of your entire system. However, if you do have a serious problem such as belt failure or a breakdown, remember, we’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so if you’re having issues or experience a major breakdown, give us a call straight away.