Trolleys and Wheelbarrows

Stair Climbing Trolleys

Stair climbing trolleys allow you to effectively carry loads up and downstairs. We have two options available.


SAL Lite Stair Climber – with fast, professional stair climbing of up to 48 steps per minute, this is the world’s lightest powered stairclimber at 16kg (plus 4kg for the snap-on battery). It’s ideal for use in schools, hospitals, councils, commercial buildings with a second floor, photocopy companies and couriers.

Three versions are available; the SAL UNI (non-fold-up handles); the SAL Fold (fold-up handles); and the SAL Fold/L (fold-up handles with grip) and three lifting capacities are available; SAL 110; SAL 140 and SAL 170.

SAL ‘HD’ Stair Climber – this stair climber is capable of moving loads up to 330kg. It has a rigid framework made of aluminium profiles, specially designed wheels with a unique braking system combined with a well-balanced lifting system; all features that make this machine very user friendly. The wheels are equipped with especially adaptable puncture-proof tyres for safe operating on the stairs.

Three models are available; the SAL ‘HD’ UNI (non-fold-up handle); the SAL ‘HD’ Fold (fold-up handle); and the SAL ‘HD’ Dolly (non fold-up handles with dolly attachment) and they’re ideal for use by photocopy companies, delivery companies, document management companies and for transporting gaming machines or similar.

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