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Specialty Belting

Our dedication to innovation means we are continually delivering products which stay one step ahead of the competition.

Our corrugated sidewall belts represent one of the biggest advances in the conveyancing of bulk material at steep inclines and it doesn’t stop there.



We have a wide variety of specialty belting available to suit a diverse range of applications:

Oil resistant – when conventional conveyor belts come into contact with oil they tend to swell, leading to belt failure. Our oil resistant belts have a high degree of chemical resistance as well as being oil resistant and they prevent material build up and reverse troughing.

Heat resistant – used in manufacturing processes where heat generation is involved or conveying hot material is required, our heat resistant belts are the perfect choice to avoid cover hardening, ply delamination, belt deformation and joint failure.

Anti-static belts – we have E grade (anti-static) and MORE grade (moderate oil resistant anti-static) belts that are used mainly in grain handling and where explosive environments are possible.

FRAS (Fire Resistant and Anti-Static) – we have a range of fire-resistant and retardant belts available to mitigate different levels of risk in the workplace.

Cleated belts – designed to increase transmission power from the drive pulley to the belt, our cleated belts offer an increased friction coefficient that helps maintain belt tension and improves belt tracking. They also aid self-cleaning and enhance service life by reducing wear. Reduced noise levels are another benefit of our cleated belts.

Cleated sidewall belts – developed for conveying along very steep inclines of up to 90 degrees, our cleated sidewall belts are highly flexible and can facilitate switching from horizontal to inclined conveying (and vice versa). They can be easily adapted to different layouts and arrangements to suit their usage and can increase transport capacity by up to 4 times compared to traditional belts with the same width. They are a great space saver with low maintenance costs.

Kevlar belts – our Kevlar belts can perform in very demanding conditions. They are heat and corrosion resistant with low creep properties, they have an exceptionally high strength to weight ratio and are chemical resistant and fire retardant.

Truly endless belts – these are manufactured without joins or splices for high-performance drive and conveying applications. Truly endless belts offer many advantages and benefits for demanding applications and outperform conventionally joined flat belt designs.

Negative grooved belts – mainly used in grain handling to accelerate the take-up and flow of materials, our negative grooved belts have good weather and water resistance as they are mostly used in external environments.

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