Solid Woven

Solid Woven

Solid woven belting is made of solid woven fabric dipped in liquid PVC. Covers made of PVC or PVG are then added – they’re bonded to the belt by vulcanization.

Solid woven belting qualities include FRAS properties, high tensile strength in proportion to weight, good integrity, no delimitation, and excellent impact and rip resistance. They are suited to conditions requiring fire-resistant anti-static properties such as coal mines, power stations, chemical and metallurgy industries.



Solid Woven Belt With PVC Cover

Positive qualities of this type of belt include:

  • Low stretch
  • Low maintenance
  • Anti-static
  • Flexible
  • Lightweight
  • Impervious to moisture, acids, oils, gases, sunlight
  • Excellent fastener holding
  • Excellent resistance to tearing, peeling and impact
  • Endless belt splicing
  • Special wear-resistant edge design

PVG Cover (nitrile rubber)

Covers are primarily composed of rubber, further improving troughability, resistance to wetness and slip, resistance to low temperature, elongation and wear resistance of the belt.

Both the top and bottom cover are PVG. The belt can be used to carry materials mixing some water at the slope no more than 20 degrees, elongating the life of the belt.

Positives of this option include:

  • Anti-slide caused by wetness with good climbing capacity
  • Low temperature resistant
  • Good elasticity and anti-impact
  • Low elongation at rated load, suitable for long-distance conveying
  • Tear-resistant, good flexing capacity
  • Long service life

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