Scissor Lift Tables

Scissor Lift Tables

Scissor lift tables are a versatile and safe way of transporting and handling goods in offices, warehouses, workshops, hospitals and retail environments.

They use a hydraulic lifting table and can greatly assist moving of items while reducing back and other work related injuries.

A number of tables are available from a load capacity of 150kg right up to 1000kg so if you don’t see what you’re looking for here, then please give us a call.


Here are a selection of scissor lift tables we offer:

Manual Lift Table – this simple yet effective design has a load capacity of 150kg to 1 tonne and a maximum table height of 750mm. It has a positive braking system on rear wheels for safety and the handle folds down flat for easy storage.

Double lift table – with a load capacity of 350kg and a table height range of 1300mm, this table offers double the range of standard manual lift tables.

Double electric lift table – this lift table offers electric lifting with a load capacity up to 350kg and a maximum height of 1300mm.

Deck size lift table – these come in two load capacities, with a maximum load of 500kg or 1 tonne. Both have a maximum table height of 915mm and the table dimensions are a huge 1600mm x 810mm or 1909mm x 810mm.

Electric platform – this heavy-duty option has a load capacity up to 1000kg and a maximum table height of 780mm. The remote power system makes it easy for controlling and convenient for maintenance, with up, down and emergency buttons. The table platform is specially designed in a “U” shape for handling pallets and large boxes.

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