Rubber Adhesives

//Rubber Adhesives

Rubber Adhesives

Rubber adhesives can be used to bond rubber to rubber (for use in conveyor belt splicing) or rubber to metal (for use in rubber lining). They can also be used to bond a range of other materials such as metal, wood and cement.

Using rubber adhesives over mechanical fasteners offers several advantages, primarily because they don’t create stress on the material itself. This allows the rubber to function as it was originally intended.



Working with some of the leading names in the industry we’ve chosen and developed products offering superior levels of adhesion as well as a reduced environmental impact.

Flexlag Adhesive

Flex-Lag rubber adhesives are a two-part cold bonding system designed specifically for rubber-to-rubber and rubber-to-metal adhesion. Primarily used for cold splicing, this product delivers superior bonding and adhesion due to its unique polychloroprene formulation. It’s free from chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and is simple to stock, prepare and order.

Kontact AR100

Kontact AR100 is a specially formulated rubber adhesive that is used primarily for rubber lining although it can also be used to bond cement, wood and many other materials. It uses solvents with low toxicity such as ethyl acetate to reduce environmental impact, whilst keeping a strong level of adhesion. It’s also economically priced.

Kontact Activator

Kontact Activator is one of the most popular and versatile cross-linking agents on the market. It bonds tightly with rubber and metal surfaces and can deliver improvements in strength and durability when combined with a cold vulcanising adhesive. It forms an incredibly strong bond that has good resistance to chemical attack.