Rollers and Idlers

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Rollers and Idlers

Quality rollers and idlers are integral to a high-functioning, long-lasting conveying system. The correct roller or idler selection can help reduce noise and power requirements as well as increase the life of your system.

We provide high quality rollers in a variety of different fabricated shells, depending on your requirements.


Choosing the right rollers and idlers

The type of roller you require depends on the purpose it performs and the environment it’s running in. The weight of your conveyor belt will also have an impact. Rollers are generally made from steel, rubber or HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene), each of which have different properties and are used for different purposes.

Steel – steel idlers and return rollers are a standard product for general purpose conveying.

Rubber – rubber disc return rollers and rubber disc impact rollers are generally used to absorb shock, when material is landing on the conveyor system or when a sticky wet product is being conveyed.

HDPE – Poly idlers and return rollers (with options of HDPE, PVC or nylon shells) are generally used where there is a corrosive environment, or the belts are carrying a sticky product.

Premium rollers and idlers

Our rollers have precision bearings fitted in the housing. The bearings and housing are specific to the function and use of the roller. We use the highest tolerance CNC machined shafts, resulting in a premium standard of manufacturing.

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