Conveyor belt pulleys are normally located at the ends of a conveyor system and are generally lined with rubber lagging or ceramic lagging to reduce slippage between the steel drive pulley and the conveyor belt.

This reduces wear on your system and therefore maintenance costs. It will also extend the life of your conveyor belt.


Rubber lagging for conveyor belt pulleys

There are a number of different types of rubber lagging you can use to protect your conveyor belt pulleys and ensure they are tracking correctly. We use a unique product called Kolag that is produced in a unique ‘arrowboss’ pattern for superior grip and water-shedding. Find out more about our rubber pulley lagging here.

Ceramic Lagging for conveyor belt pulleys

Ceramic pulley lagging is a lot more wear-resistant than conventional rubber lagging and is especially suitable for wet or muddy applications. Ceramic tiles are designed with a dimple profile to ensure there is minimal slippage between the belt and drive pulley. Find out more about our ceramic pulley lagging here.

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