Platform Trolleys

Platform Trolleys

We source a wide range of platform trolleys constructed from high-quality materials to transport your good easily and efficiently, with minimal physical exertion.



Folding Platform Trolleys – these can transport loads up to 300kg and have an anti-slip platform to prevent movement of the load whilst in motion. They come with a foldable handle for easy storage and are ideal for wet and refrigerated areas such as supermarkets, cool rooms, greengrocers and industrial applications.

Platform Trolleys –  with a non-slip deck and ergonomic design, these can be used for most applications, transporting up to 300kg. They’re available in two different sizes and three configurations and come with a plastic bumper to prevent damage to walls and furniture.

Aluminium Platform Trolleys – highly manoeuvrable, lightweight and strong, these come in 3 different sizes and either 1 or 2 (removable) handles. They will never rust and are easy to keep clean, transporting up to 500kg.

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