Pallet Trucks

Pallet trucks are the economical alternative to forklifts and are suited to manoeuvering pallets in the workplace.


Hand Pallet Trucks – manually operated, with a load capacity of 2500kg this pallet truck is ideal for lifting and manoeuvering warehouse pallets with ease. The articulating axle provides easy handling and control on uneven floor surfaces.

Low Profile Pallet Trucks – this manually operated low profile pallet truck has a load capacity up to 2000kg. It is ideal for moving low entry skids or packs, to a lowered height of 55mm. This unit is NOT suitable for Chep Pallets.

Reel Pallet Trucks – with a load capacity up to 1500kg, reel pallet trucks are ideal for handling industrial rolls of paper, carpet, textiles and other materials. They are commonly used in the printing industry.

Scissor Lift Pallet Trucks (Manual) – lifting capacities range from 100 – 1000kgs and lifting heights from 220mm to 1340mm. They are multifunctional and can be used as a skid lifter, lift table or workbench. The hydraulic valving system ensures the load lowers slowly whilst the easy foot operation makes for minimum effort when lifting. The handle is collapsible.

High Lift Pallet Trucks  (Electric) – loads of up to 1000kg can be lifted either manually or electrically. The built-out battery and charger result in a low centre of gravity and allow excellent maneuverability.

Full Battery Electric Pallet Trucks – full-electric movement and lifting allow for excellent maneuverability and minimal manual handling of loads up to 2000kg. The compact design is ideal for narrow and/or tight spaces and has simple to use hand controls. It comes with a powerful traction, single-phase, 24V battery and charger. The semi-electric and ride-on models are also available in this range.

Scale Pallet Trucks – this pallet truck has a load capacity up to 2000kg. It is a great alternative for users who need pallet weights for transportation and is equipped with a top-quality display sensor.

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