Pallet Lifters (Palifts)

Pallet Lifters (Palifts)

Pallet lifters are a simple yet highly effective solution to the manual handling problems created when loading and unloading pallets.

They automatically keep the pallet load at the optimum working height when loading and unloading goods and can significantly raise productivity.

This simple, automatic unit is ideal for most applications. It incorporates a turntable to allow nearside loading and a system of springs and shock absorbers which lower and raise the unit as pallets are built up and broken down, to maintain a constant working height.

No power or air supply is required and pallet loads up to 2,500kgs can be handled.


Turntable Palift – this robust design regularly lasts more than 10-15 years of high-frequency use with no maintenance.

Maxi Pallet Palift – designed for heavier, wider loads with a capacity of 2500kgs and is ideal for brick and tile manufacturers where loads are much heavier.

Palift Lite – designed for light loads up to 250kg.

Mobile Palift – allow for easy relocation of the palift and is supplied with heavy-duty castors and a towing handle for relocation.

Tandem Palift – uses two palifts side by side for extra long loads – typically timber and sheeting.

Standard Square Top Palift – doesn’t have a turntable and is therefore suited to loads that do not need rotation.

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