Impact Beds

Impact Beds

The most important function of impact beds is to provide comprehensive protection of the belt from damage by falling material.

We offer a full range of Flexco impact beds, who have engineered superior belt protection into the entire structure of their impact beds (not just the bars).


Sturdy components, robust construction and convenient maintenance make their line of impact beds incredibly durable and efficient. Many of the impact beds feature universal components and can be used together with skirting systems for a complete load zone solution.

Choosing a Flexco Impact Bed

As a general rule, if you weigh your largest material lump and multiply it by the drop height, you’ll be able to work out what impact bed is correct for supplying the right reduction in impact energy and reaction forces.

Whether you’re focused on low-impact applications like sand and gravel or high impact applications like coal-fired power plants or load-out facilities, we’ll have an option to meet your load zone needs.

Range of Impact Beds

DRX Impact Beds – robust construction that incorporates exclusive velocity reduction technology. This controls acceleration to reduce impact energy and reaction forces, providing unmatched belt protection.

Modular Impact Beds – engineered with maximum capacity in mind, ensuring full containment in and around the load zone. The system is based on a 600 mm sectional footprint which allows you to control your impact zone design by using an all-bar section in high-impact areas and a slider impact section where you require lower impact resistance or sealing. When both styles are used together you can achieve the ultimate performance in your load zone.

Slider Impact Beds – designed to provide containment around the load zones. Long-lasting slider bars combined with a high-performance roll ensures these impact beds effectively seal the load zone and minimize drag on the belt.

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