Gravity Conveyors and Rollers

///Gravity Conveyors and Rollers

Gravity Conveyors and Rollers

Gravity conveyors are reliable, affordable and extremely flexible, often offering an economical and practical solution to different application requirements.

Gravity conveyors are usually modular in nature, so they can be moved and fitted to suit the changing needs of your business as your plant grows or is upgraded.


Properties of gravity conveyors

Our gravity conveyors have a rigid construction, with heavy gauge side frames for strength and durability along with adjustable support stands. Their frames can be painted, galvanized or powder-coated, and we have a wide range of roller options in polypropylene or steel. We use a hook and bar system for easy installation and stainless-steel frames and stands are also available.

Gravity conveyor Options

Single or Multi-Lane Gravity Conveyors: These carry the product through the picking area, reducing manual handling and improving productivity. They are modular in nature and therefore available in various widths and lengths that are easily installed. You can also combine them with a powered system for greater flexibility.

Skate Wheel Conveyors: As the name suggests, these systems use wheels instead of rollers to convey products. They’re suitable for light to medium weight products with a flat base, offering a low cost but efficient product handling solution.

Hinged Gate Conveyors: These provide the option of a lift-out section allowing a passageway for personnel or equipment. Hinged on one side and relatively light-weight, they feature gas struts and must be unlatched before lifted.

Curved Gravity Conveyors: 90-degree curved modular sections with differential rollers are available to maximise the use of space and overall efficiency, ensuring true carton tracking.

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