Goods Cages

We source our goods cages from East West Engineering, which have been designed to safely store and transport loose or palletised goods by crane or forklift.


CGC Goods Cage / CSPN Goods Cage – suitable for use with loose or palletised goods and available in two capacity models. Stacking feet allow cages to be stacked 3 high when empty or 2 high when loaded. They’re fitted with 4 point lift crane lugs and fork stirrups and come in a zinc finish.

BSN-6 CageBSN-6H Cage – fully enclosed cage with mesh panelling, these are designed to transport bricks or similar products. It comes in two sizes in a zinc finish and is fitted with crane lugs (4 point lift) and forklift pockets.

SDR200 Oversized Cage – heavy-duty construction with mesh sides and sheet, can fit up to two pallets or loose materials and equipment and fitted with 4 point lift crane lugs and forklift pockets. Comes in a zinc finish.

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