Fire is an increasing risk to conveyor systems in many different applications. FRAS (Fire Resistant and Anti-Static) rubber is a specialised form of rubber that has high resistance to fire and ozone.

This is achieved by using a combination of polymers, chemicals and additives which contribute to improving fire retardant properties of a conveyor belt.



Range of FRAS available

We have a variety of fire resistant and retardant belts available to mitigate different levels of risks in the workplace and ensure you comply with industry health and safety regulations. Our belts are fire resistant, anti-static and easy to splice or repair using standard materials.

FRAS is generally used above ground and we have a range of these available including FRAS K, FRAS OR (Oil Resistant), and FRAS SAR (Super Abrasive Resistant).


All our FRAS S belts have been independently tested by Safework NSW to ensure they are industry compliant. Our 3 and 4 ply belts are certified as well as our steel cord belts, with 5 ply in the process of testing and certification. We’ve supplied several big mining companies including Xstrata (now Glencore) and Anglo American.

FRAS S is generally used below ground in underground coal mines, power plants, sulfur conveying and other high-risk areas.

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Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Common Widths500mm to 2000mm
Carcass VarietyEP / NN / PP
Common Belt Rating200 to 2500 KN/M
No. of Plies2ply to 6ply
Rubber Cover GradesFRAS / FRAS K / FRAS S
Rubber Cover ThicknessMinimum 1.0 to 20mm
Surface FinishSmooth both sides
EdgeCut or Moulded
Splicing MethodHot / Mechanical