Our premium quality conveyor belt fabric comes in a range of options and is used in a wide variety of applications.

Standout features include high adhesion levels between cover and plies, low elongation, a smooth finish and extreme resistance to abrasive materials. This results in greater field performance and service life.



Cover Compounds

The cover compounds we have available have been specifically formulated to achieve high physical properties of abrasion, tear, cut and gouge resistance. We have 5 standard cover grades in natural and SBR (synthetic) rubber which are outlined in the table below. Specific cover grades are also available for applications such as heat, food and chemical resistance. Just ask one of our sales team for more information.

Grade Material Properties
N Grade Predominantly SBR rubber Good all-purpose properties
M Grade Natural rubber polymer Excellent resistance to cut and tear
E Grade Polymer blend Specially compounded to have anti-static properties
SAR Grade Polymer blend Excellent abrasion resistance
XC Grade Polymer blend Superior resistance to cut and gouge

Conveyor Belt Ply, Widths and Cover Thicknesses

Ply: belts can be manufactured in 2, 3 or 4 ply. 2 ply is generally used for light industrial environments such as recycling plants, 3 ply for light to medium applications such as mobile crushers and 4 ply for heavy industrial environments such as mining and brickwork.

Widths: our stocked widths range from 350mm up to 2400mm without longitudinal joints, but higher widths can be produced on request.

Cover Thicknesses: our stocked thicknesses range from 1.5mm to 21mm top cover and 1.5mm to 7mm bottom cover. Higher thicknesses can be produced on request.

Nb. Higher widths and cover thicknesses can be produced on request. 5 ply is also available on request.

Find out more about our Conveyor Belt Fabric

Contact our sales team on +61 8 9370 5577 or enquire here for more information about our conveyor belt fabric.

Product Specifications

Common Widths 500mm to 2000mm
Carcass Variety EP / NN / PP
Common Belt Rating 200 to 2500 KN/M
No. of Plies 2ply to 6ply
Rubber Cover Grades N / M / XCG / SAR
Rubber Cover Thickness Minimum 1.0 to 20mm
Rubber Black
Surface Finish Smooth both sides
Edge Cut or Moulded
Splicing Method Hot / Cold / Mechanical