Elevator buckets

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Elevator buckets

We supply elevator buckets from industry leader 4B, who have the world’s largest range of elevator components.

With over 400 different sizes and styles to choose from, we can source an elevator bucket for almost any product or application. 



We provide a variety of bucket materials and all buckets can be punched to your specification:

  • Steel & stainless steel elevator buckets (pressed / seamless or fabricated)
  • Plastic / non-metallic elevator buckets (nylon, HDP or polyurethane)
  • Elevator buckets for agricultural applications (e.g. grain, feed, seeds, sugar)
  • Elevator buckets for industrial applications (e.g. as cement, lime, gypsum, aggregates, coal, fertilizer)

Choosing an elevator bucket

Bucket elevators are generally classified by the industry sector they’re used. 4B split their bucket elevators into the following categories – cereals, sticky materials, light industrial, pallets & light agriculture, cement and heavy industrial. 

Bucket elevator components

We also supply bucket elevator bolts, chain components and monitoring equipment from 4B.

Find out more about our Bucket Elevators

Contact our sales team on +61 8 9370 5577 or enquire here for more information about our bucket elevators.