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Cured Sheeting

We provide our own branded range of cured rubber sheeting called Kontex. With a high level of durability and adaptability our cured rubber sheeting provides various wear and corrosion protection to suit varying applications.



Kontex 40

A natural rubber sheeting with exceptional levels of elasticity, resilience and strength. It is ideally suited to environments where wet and dry abrasion, as well as high ozone resistance, is required. The high tensile strength of this cured rubber sheeting means it can be used in applications such as tank and chute linings, pipe duct linings, floatation cells, valve and cycloning linings among others. It comes with a special CN backing which requires no buffing prior to bonding.

Kontex 65

A natural rubber blend with high elasticity and resilience, this cured rubber sheeting has a high level of tear and abrasion resistance making it perfect for many general applications.

Kontex B55

Manufactured from bromo butyl polymer, B55 offers excellent resistance to heat and corrosive acids and alkalis while maintaining moderate levels of abrasion resistance. It offers high resistance to ozone and outdoor weathering and can be used with chemicals such as oxygenated solvents and hydraulic fluids.

Kontex 38P

A 100% pure natural rubber with exceptional levels of elasticity and resilience. It is ideally suited to environments that might include wet and dry abrasion. This cured rubber sheeting has a high tensile strength and high endurance to ozone and other weathering.

Kontex 38B

Made from 100% natural rubber and designed for the highest levels of elasticity, resilience and strength. Excellent tear resistance is combined with high tensile strength and good ozone resistance.

Kontex HR70

A synthetic SBR/BR rubber blend ideally suited to any situation which requires high abrasion and heat resistance. This cured rubber sheeting also offers excellent resistance to impact and cutting.

Kontex NI65

A strong and resilient option based on NBR (Nitrile) synthetic rubber. It is ideal for all environments which require high impact and abrasion resistance. It can maintain a high heat resistance with a continuous operating temperature of 100 degrees. It is also resistant to organic fluids such as kerosene and diesel.

Kontex CR65

A continuous operating temperature of up to 120 degrees makes this an ideal option for extreme environments. It is based on CR (Polychloroprene, also known as Neoprene) synthetic rubber, making it perfect for applications requiring resistance to chemicals such as acids, alkalis and certain organic fluids.

Kontex EB80

A cross-linked natural rubber compound suitable for any environment which will involve acids and alkalis. This cured rubber sheeting has a very high heat resistance and can maintain continuous operation in temperatures up to 120 degrees centigrade. It is ideal for machinery or as a final membrane for high-temperature chemicals.