Ceramic Lagging

//Ceramic Lagging

Ceramic Lagging

Ceramic lagging is generally used over traditional rubber lagging when more grip is required. Ceramic lagging is more wear-resistant and provides a higher service life too.

It can be applied to conveyor drive, tail, snub, bend or take up pulleys and is suitable for wet, clay, muddy and abrasive materials.



KOLAG ceramic lagging

This is a ceramic embedded rubber strip lagging. The ceramic tiles are designed with a dimple profile to ensure there is minimal slippage between the belt and drive pulley. It is especially suitable for wet or muddy applications where slippage can be a problem.

The rough ceramic face produces an excellent coefficient of friction between the conveyor belt and the pulley. In some cases, this can be up to two times the friction ratio that can be generated with conventional rubber lagging.

Unique ‘arrow-boss’ design

The unique “arrow-boss” design, produces a ceramic lagging which is on an embossed rubber pattern. This achieves the maximum water shedding benefits of a conventional rubber lagging, together with the intrinsic benefits of the added ceramics.

Vertical radial troughs

The vertical radial troughs in the design incorporate the latest technology derived from formula one racing car tyres, which dictates that the most efficient water-shedding pattern is effected by using vertical radial grooves.

On-site bonding

KOLAG comes with a buffed finish or optional bonding layer, to enable it to be cold bonded on-site. The benefits of reduced belt slippage will also result in improved conveyor belt life.