Carcasses and Reinforcement

//Carcasses and Reinforcement

Carcasses and Reinforcement

Options include polyester/nylon (EP), nylon/nylon (NN), polyester/polyester (PP), crows foot weave (CFW), steel cord (ST) and PVC solid woven (SW).

The fabric reinforced belts can be woven to various strengths and in many configurations such as cross weave, mono-ply tyre cord, and crow’s foot weave (twill weave). Test certificates can be provided to verify belt strength.



Polyester / Nylon Fabric (PN)

EP conveyor belts consist of a synthetic woven fabric, utilising a polyester fibre for warp and a polyamide (nylon) fibre for weft. Features and benefits include:

  • Lower stretch and high resistance to tension
  • Greater resistance to moisture, mildew, and rot
  • Less influence under temperature
  • Excellent toughness
  • Excellent resistance to impact
  • Very good resistance to chemicals

Nylon / Nylon Fabric (NN)

NN conveyor belts utilise a nylon fibre for warp (along the belt) and nylon weft (across the belt) cross woven fabric reinforcing. Features and benefits include:

  • Exceptional shock and impact resistance to the carrying surface
  • Superior fastener holding ability
  • Excellent troughability and flexibility
  • Excellent resistance to water and mildew
  • High strength

Crows Foot Weave (CFW)

Crows foot weave belts are used when high impact and tear resistance is required. These belts are specially designed to withstand high abusive loading, providing a much longer service life in these environments than conventional belts. Features and benefits include:

  • High tear resistance of belt up to 2.5 times higher than conventional EP / NN belt constructions.
  • High impact absorption capability.
  • Allows abusive loading where conventional belts fail.

Primary applications include mines handling big boulders, primary crushers, conveyors with high fall heights or inadequate load support.

Steel Cord (ST)

Used in heavy-duty industries where strength is vital to convey materials. See our steel cord page for more information.

Solid Woven

Used in mining industries and power stations where fire-resistance and anti-static properties are required. See our solid woven page for more information.

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