Belt Trainers

Belt Trainers

Belt trainers assist with tracking and alignment issues that can damage your conveyor belt.

They automatically react to changes within a conveyor system and redirect the belt back to the centre of the conveyor.


Installing belt trainer devices in strategic locations along your conveyor belt can have a huge impact on the functional ability of your system and increase its service life dramatically.

Range of belt trainers

We offer the Flexco line of belt trainers that employ a unique and highly effective tracking action that is non-damaging to the conveyor belt. Using a combination of friction and tension, Flexco’s unique ‘pivot and tilt’ technology is integrated into many of their designs, responding and compensating immediately to belt misalignment.

Address tracking issues early

Don’t allow a slight malfunction to become a much larger issue later on. Addressing tracking issues early on will prove a cost-effective choice in the long run. We provide a wide range of belt trainers that can operate in wet or dry conditions and are suitable for medium or heavy-duty operations.

Find out more about our Belt Trainers

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