Belt Cleaners

Belt Cleaners

Carryback is a leading issue on many conveyor belt systems. Without an effective belt cleaner, frequent clean-up is required, and it can cause conveyor components to wear out prematurely.

Belt cleaners are an important aspect of your conveyor belt system because of their ability to reduce carryback – the material that sticks to the belt after it leaves the discharge of the head pulley and builds up underneath the belt. The will protect and maintain your system.


Primary belt cleaners

Primary belt cleaners or precleaners are designed to scrape material off the conveyor belt. They are mounted to the head pulley and are used for removing large pieces of material. They typically reduce carryback by about 60-70 per cent and are available in a variety of widths and blade types that can tackle particularly stubborn material.

Secondary belt cleaners

Secondary belt cleaners are designed to scrape materials left on the belt beyond the head pulley and can increase belt cleaning efficiency by more than 90 per cent. They are located just past where the belt leaves the head pulley and can be anywhere else down the beltline. They have a number of applcations and polyurethane, carbide, and brush options are available.

Range of belt cleaners

The type of belt cleaner you require will depend on the materials being conveyed and how your belt is furnished. We provide belt cleaners for sliced, vulcanized and metal fastened belts and offer a full suite of Flexco products due to their high quality and efficiency. Our sales team will help you find the right belt cleaner for your needs and help you ensure it’s installed and maintained properly.

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