We offer a range of high performance ScreenTek rubber screen mats. These have a range of benefits over conventional stainless steel screens including reduced corrosion and lower noise levels. It is more cost effective and offers excellent abrasion resistance and will generally out last steel by a ratio of four to one.

Compared to polyurethane screens, meanwhile, it is less likely to break soft or brittle particles into smaller sizes – something which can be particularly useful for materials such as coal. It is more lively and prevents blinding and begging. It offers excellent impact and wear resistance and out performs all urethanes where particles are greater than 3mm and the impact is on the surface rather than sliding off.

All our screen cloth and mats are manufactured with a polyester tyre chord to reduce elongation Rubber is the highest quality and offers excellent levels of impact and abrasion resistance. The result is a high-quality mat which offers a long lifespan and requires reduced levels of maintenance.

We work to delivered produced tailored to your specific requirements. All mats will be punched to your specifications using the latest computerised punching presses.

All work is guaranteed by the highest quality standard.

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