PVC conveyor belting is most suitable for the conveying of food sources such as vegetables, meat, fish, confectionery, and light to medium weight conveying of packaging and recycling. A discussion with our technicians will be able to ascertain if PVC belting is the best option for your conveying needs.

We have an extensive range of colors and sizing in stock. Bare polyester, smooth and skim top covers are available, and clients can choose from various top and bottom finishes and gauges.

Our team can guide you to the best option for your business. All Rubber TMH always meet the client’s specific requirements, exceeding expectations and ensuring the best quality choice for maximum logistic efficiency.

Among our PVC products are:

  • 1&2 PVC Belting
  • 3&4 Ply PVC Belting
  • Specialist PVC Belting
  • PVC Belting Fasteners

We offer PVC/Solid Woven Belting consisting of solid woven fabric dipped in PVC paste before a PVC cover is added via vulcanization.

Positive aspects include FRAS properties, with high tensile strength in proportion to weight, good integrity, no delimitation and excellent impact and rip resistance. Suited to conditions requiring fire resistant anti-static properties such as coal mines, power stations, chemical and metallurgical industries. Standards applied are DIN22109, AS4606, BS3289 and BC158.

Non-pressed PVC type is suitable for applications in dry conditions at a slope angle of no greater than 16 degrees. Especially suited to material conveying at underground coalmines, and can be used for bucket elevator belts.

Often utilized as:

  • Food Grade Belts
  • Bakery Belts
  • Inspection Belts

Pressed PVC type, where both top and bottom covers are PVC, can have up to 4mm thickness on each side. This design offers more advantages than non pressed PVC belt in regards to impact resistance, water soaking, longer service life and higher fastening holding.

Positives include:

  • Low stretch
  • Low maintenance
  • Anti-static
  • Flexible
  • Lightweight
  • Impervious to moisture, acids, oils, gases and sunlight
  • Excellent resistance to tearing, peeling and impact
  • Endless belt splicing
  • Special wear resistant edges

Every option can be customized with cleats to suit a client’s requirements.

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