Global manufacturers rely on Forbo Siebling for their innovative excellence when addressing vital competitive factors such as production, material flow and logistics.

The result is comprehensive, industry specific product ranges, spanning food industries, logistics/airports, raw material/woods/fibreboards, industrial production, paper industry and letter sorting, printing industry, sport and leisure, and recycling.

Our stock includes:

  • Siegling Transilon conveyor belts and processing belts. 

Perfect for speeding the flow of goods and for economic processing in the light materials handling industry. Certain conveying and processing tasks require mechanical, physical or chemical belt properties made possible only by special production processes, and a combination of materials or finishing.

The standard Siegling Transilon construction consists of polyester fabric as the tension member, with synthetic or elastomer coatings including:

    • Profiles and Sidewalls
    • Top Face Patterns
    • Modifying Belts
    • Belt Edge Sealing
    • Knife Edge Belts
    • Curved Belts
    • Antistatic Belts
    • NA (Non-antistatic)
    • HC (Highly-conductive)
    • Accumulation Belts
    • SE/FR (flame retardant)
    • ATEX-compliant Processing Belts


  • Siegling Extemultus flat belts including:
    • High-efficiency Flat Belts for traction drive power transmission in all branches of industry.
    • High-efficiency Tangential Belts and Spindle Tapes for modern, high-efficiency machines in the textile industry.
    • Folder and Carrier Belts, and Machine Tapes for precise machine performance in letter sorting systems and in the paper, printing and packaging industries.


  • Prolink Plastic Modular Belting.

These address cases where conventional conveyor belts are not suitable. The Siegling Prolink system consists of ten series functionally designed for diverse conveying and processing tasks. Inserted connecting rods join the individual modules together, making them flexible and endless.

  • Siegling Proposition High-Efficiency Timing Belts.

These form-fit power transmission and conveying elements round off the tried and tested Siegling Transilon conveying family.

  • Finishing equipment spanning high quality tools with accessories.

Forbo Siegling has in-depth theoretical and applicational expertise in splicing technology, keeping procedures and equipment advancements in tune with current belting developments.

  • Supplementary Products, including an array of:
    • Siegling Transvent Ventilation Belts
    • Siegling Linpack Folder and Carrier Belts with Linatex Top Face
    • Siegling Round Belts
    • Transtex Conveyor belts Offering New Possibilities
    • Siegling Propipe Feeder and Haul-off Belts

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