You’ll require a powered conveyor if the goal is heavy-duty construction for long life.

Is your company in need of a power conveyor? The first step is to call us before submitting a design. Our dedicated professionals with years of extensive experience will be able to analyse and ascertain the best solution to your materials handling problem.

 Using the latest CAD technology our design team will custom design a conveyor system specific to your requirements while also addressing such aspects as cost effectiveness, and longevity. All Rubber TMH also offers the option of our experts coming to you and installing the system. 

Taking into account the application, our technical team can provide a variety of powered conveyors including:

  • Heavy Duty Belt under Roller Conveyor

Ideal for transporting heavy loads either horizontally or with small elevation changes. Accumulation can be automatic, and achieved pneumatically or electrically.

  • Chain Type Powered Conveyors.

Heavy-duty chain conveyors are ideally suited for heavy goods and bulk items, especially metal items or pallets.

  • Belt Type Powered Conveyors.

Flat belt conveyors come in a number of variations and for assorted applications.

  • Special Material Type Powered Conveyors.

Available to suit a wide range of applications, especially in the food industry.

  • Gravity Type Powered Conveyors.

The gravity type powered conveyor offers a practical and economical solution to an otherwise impractical and uneconomical situation.


Relevant Information

Keep in mind the following additional details. If you would like an All Rubber TMH technician to expand on any points, please contact us.

  • Steel or polypropylene roller options are available.
  • Quiet operation can be achieved.
  • Bends, mitres, switches and gates can be integrated into your system.
  • Adjustable support stands are a possible choice.
  • Painted, galvanized or powder coated frames are an option.
  • All units are supplied with guards and/or covers where appropriate.

Stainless steel frames and stands are also available.

Product Specifications

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Technical Information

Please contact our team for more information on this product range.


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