Forklift Attachments

At All Rubber TMH we offer a range of non-hydraulic and hydraulic attachments for your forklift including grab attachments, carriage rotators, push off and extension reach forks, drum handling, and rotating and hydraulic dirt buckets.

  • Grab and Rotation Attachments

Here are some popular options from our range of grab and rotation attachments for your forklift. If what you need isn’t here, we are still likely to have it available so please give our technicians a call.

    • Type PRG 9

This unique slip-on attachment eliminates the usual requirement for a dedicated forklift. The grab attachment can be fitted in minutes: simply attach the quick connect hydraulic couplings supplied with the hydraulic hoses to the third and fourth forklift valves, and then connect the safety chain.

With ninety-degree forward rotation, this attachment is ideal for the placement of plastic and paper rolls on packaging machines. Other uses include printing, recycling and tyre handling.

    • Type DC GR

A heavy-duty 205lt drum lifter with hydraulic grab/rotation ability. A one tonne lifting capacity makes this attachment ideal for the recycle industry, and for mining applications. Fitted with quick connect couplings for connection to the third and fourth forklift hydraulic valves.

The Type DC GR is capable of picking up a single drum from a pallet of four without disturbing the other three drums.

    • Type DGB

This attachment is ideal for the food processing industry, with a galvanized finish and a full 180-degree rotation. Supplied with quick release hose couplings for connection to the third and fourth forklift valves.

The Type DGB has a 350kg safe working load. The remote hydraulic grab/rotate allows the forklift operator to pick up a single drum from a pallet of four, without disturbing the other three.


  • 180 Degree Rotator

The 180-degree sideways rotator is ideal for load inverting and dumping applications. The use of high tensile steel allows low weight with high strength. Self-lubricating bearings and chrome shafts eliminate maintenance.

  • Push Off Attachments

The type TPO 1 Push-Off is suited to the delivery of turf and landscape supplies. The compact design reduces lost load while still providing enormous horizontal force.

  • Hydraulic Reachforks

Reachforks are hydraulically extendible and retractable forks that save businesses time, space, and money. They allow ‘double deep’ stacking, increasing warehouse capacity by up to 30% in comparison to ‘single-deep’ warehouse operations.

Available from 2-10.5 tonne capacity. Reachforks can be extended to transport two pallets at a time.

  • Jib Attachments

All Rubber TMH offer the following popular jib attachments, and many more. If you do not see what you need here, please give us a call. Our technicians can help.

    • Type FJS

A general purpose jib at an affordable price. This jib is able to manoeuvre in a confined space, and can extend to 2.0m. The overall length when closed is 1.3m.

    • Type TJS

The tilt facility allows extra height to compensate for the hook and sling length lost when lifting with a jib attachment.

    • Type TJL

A very versatile jib attachment that allows extra height at 2.3m and extension to 3.5m.

  • Fork Slippers

Extend the versatility of your lift truck. The slim profile is designed for ease of operation. Has a 6.5 tonne capacity and comes in a standard black enamel finish. Also available in a galvanized finish.

  • Roll Prongs

This slip on roll prong is suitable for fabric, cable and coil products. Can be used for carpet handling, but is generally restricted to larger forklifts due to the extended load centre created by the length of the tines. The prongs are high tensile steel, and can be made to any length.

  • Container Ramp Forklift Attachment

Both sides are filled with fork pockets, along with front flip-ups that allow placement in confined areas. Secure safety chains on both sides allow for connection of the ramp to container. Raised side plates prevent the forklift from driving off the side.

  • Fork Spreaders

Our selection of fork spreaders allows you to safely pick up extra wide or flexible loads without the risk of damage to products such as plasterboard, roof sheeting, timber, plastic tubing and so forth.

  • Dirt Buckets

All Rubber MH has an extensive dirt bucket range. If you do not see what you need listed below, please contact us.

    • Type DB-H

Type DB-H slip-on dirt buckets ensure quick connection to the lift truck. The hydraulic operation allows for full backwards tilt, making this bucket suitable for liquid products. Fitted with a hardened wear edge. Available in either a painted or galvanized finish.

    • Type DB-M

Type DB-M slip-on dirt buckets enable a cleaner work environment. They are especially useful for removing loose material such as gravel, grain and coal from floors. A hardened steel wear edge ensures long life.

  • Wheelie Bin Tippers For Forklifts

All Rubber MH has a number of wheelie bin tippers for forklifts. If you do not see what you require below, please contact us.

    • Type NWB-T

Suitable for emptying 240 litre plastic bins. The tipping is simple and safe; the forklift operator does not leave his seat. The bin is wheeled into the attachment and secured by the safety chains. Available for one or two plastic bins.

    • Type WB

Manufactured to suit a range of bins from 80 litres to 660 litres. This is a simple operation: the operator pulls the draw chord to tip the bin. Also available with hydraulic option for controlled 130 degree rotation.

  • Safety Cages For Forklifts

All Rubber TMH offers a variety of safety cages for forklifts. Please contact us so one of our technicians can discuss available options with you.

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