One of the main hazards to a conveyor system is fire. Since general purpose conveyor belts are combustible, in certain areas which are exposed to fire risk, we recommend the use of fire resistant belts. The effect of fire entails a safety hazard for the personnel as well as potential financial loss caused due to damage to the installation and of course substantial productions loss which follows any such breakdown.

With the advancement in technology, it is possible to impart properties to conveyor belts so that in fact the propagation of the fire is arrested or limited at the source. This is done by using a combination of polymers, chemicals and additives which contribute to improving the fire retardency of the conveyor belt. This can often be achieved without compromising the wear life of the conveyor belt aswell.

In order to cater to varying levels of fire resistance in line Australian Standards, All Rubber can supply a range of fire resistance belts to suit your needs.

Benefits of EAGLE AGNI:

  • Reduces the risk of fire hazard and the potential loss to human life, material and installation.
  • EAGLE AGNI belts are Anti-Static
  • Easy to splice or repair using standard materials.

Production application:

Coal Mines and other underground mines, power plants, coal handling and sulphur conveying etc.

Product Specifications

Common Widths 500mm to 2000mm
Carcass Variety EP / NN / PP
Common Belt Rating 200 to 2500 KN/M
No. of Plies 2ply to 6ply
Rubber Cover Grades FRAS / FRAS K / FRAS S
Rubber Cover Thickness Minimum 1.0 to 20mm
Rubber Black
Surface Finish Smooth both sides
Edge Cut or Moulded
Splicing Method Hot / Mechanical

Technical Information

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