Our range of EAGLE ELEV conveyor belts are designed to improve operational efficiency and throughput of material, whether it’s crushed stone or wood chip.

The range offers a host of benefits including improved operational efficiency, a compact system for handling material and reduced operational costs. Profiled covers prevent the rollback of materials on inclines, while a smaller footprint maximises available floor space.

EAGLE ELEV belts come with wear resistant covers and cleats to provide a high wear life. This carcass is specially designed to cope with the frequent flexing these belts undergo in usage.

Chevron Profiles

  • Sergeant Profile C15

The C15 profile has a belt width of 650-800mm and a cleat height of 15mm making it ideal for moderate inclines.

  • V-Cleat Profile

This is a variation of the Sergeant stripe pattern of the C15 with a belt width of between 450 and 1600mm. It has a cleat height of 15mm and offers good all-round performance which is perfect for moderate inclines.

  • Bull Horn Profile

The Bullhorn profiles incorporate the L30 to L129 profile range. It has a cleat height of 17mm and is suitable for lump sizes of up to 30mm.

  • H and Y profiles

With a cleat size of 30mm, these belts offer a significantly higher load capacity and can cater to lump sizes of up to 80mm. These belts have been specifically designed for outdoor running and have large gaps between the cleats to allow water run-off.

Product Specifications

Common Widths Refer to Technical Information Sections
Belt Length Range 'L'-160m, 'H'-120m
Carcass Variety Available EP
Common Belt Rating 200 to 800 KN/M
No. of Plies 2ply to 4ply
Rubber Cover Grades N / M / SAR / HR / OR
Rubber Cover Thickness Min. 3.0mm top and 1.5mm bottom or bare back
Rubber Black
Surface Finish Cleat on top Covers only
Edge Cut or Moulded Edge
Splicing Method Hot Splice / Cold Splice / Mechanical Splice


Technical Information

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