Conveyor Belting

We offer conveyor belting options at a world-class level. Perfecting your system is our passion, and premium quality, cost effective materials are integral. We think of them as the lifeblood of any business: without the correct components your system won’t be able to maintain consistent, long-term impressive productivity.

When it comes to conveying systems, accuracy is also paramount. Choosing the best belting to suit your needs is a keystone of optimum turnover. Many factors must be taken into account, and the team of rubber technologists at All Rubber TMH can evaluate your specifications to confirm your current selections are the most effective and up-to-date choices to address your unique needs.

Our decades of expertise span supply and installation of all types of conveyor belting rubber. All Rubber TMH’s cutting edge and innovative approach equals a customised, cost-effective belting solution. We are always striving and working toward achieving the maximum benefits for your business.

We provide conveying belting across various industries and offer an extensive array of options including new conveyor belting or used conveyor belting—primarily fabric or reinforced steel—to address most handling applications. Heat, chemical, and wear resistant application requests are easily met. Fire resistant and anti-static compound conveyor belting for underground mining applications are another specialty.

Most common client requests include:

  • General purpose belting
  • Super abrasion resistant belting
  • Heat resistant belting (up to 200 degrees Celsius)
  • Fire resistant belting
  • Rough top and profile conveyor belting

Conveyor belting can be custom manufactured to your specifications of AS or DIN standards. Most variations of 2-4ply-conveyor belting are kept in stock. M or N grade conveyor belting rubber, of various cover thickness, is commonly available.


We offer onsite labour to install and maintain conveyor systems and all rubber lining requirements while providing a host of other services as required by the client. Product longevity is key but quality care is integral. Feel free to contact us and discuss your specific needs so we can create an appropriate schedule.