Rollers & Idlers

Quality rollers are integral to a high-function, long-lasting conveying system. The correct roller selection means longer lasting, noise minimising, and power reducing capabilities.

All Rubber TMH can supply high quality rollers in a variety of fabricated shells, as per client requirements. The type of roller and roller material depends on the conveyor system and performance duty.

Our rollers have precision bearings fitted in the housing. The bearings and housing are specific to the function and use of the roller. We use the highest tolerance CNC machined shafts, resulting in a premium standard of manufacturing.

The type of roller you require depends on the conveyor system:

  • Weight
  • Trough
  • Return

Roller material is also impacted by the duty and purpose it performs in the conveyor system:

  • Shaft material
  • Plastic
  • Steel
  • Composite nylon

FLEXCO® Ultra-light CoreTech Composite Rollers are designed to prevent trapped material from damaging the end disk, thanks to the centrifugal seal. This minimises the chance of premature roller failure.

Durable, and easy to handle in bulk material application, myriad benefits include:

  • Long life via a trio of elements: structural strength, corrosion and abrasion.
  • Lighter weight enabling simple handling and increased worker safety.
  • Reduced power consumption courtesy of lower running friction values.
  • Less noise in comparison to steel rollers.
  • Corrosion resistance, ideal when acid, moisture, salt or other corrosives are present.

Available in:

  • CoreTech™ HDPE Rollers for corrosive, acidic environments, available in 5inch diameters for CEMA B, C and D ratings. Details include:
    • Face Width up to 599mm
    • Typical Bearings – 6205, 6305
  • CoreTech™ Nylon Rollers pair composite technology and smart design to deliver strength, performance and durability. Available in 127mm, 1552mm or 178mm diameters. Details include:
    • Face Width over 559mm
    • Typical Bearings – 6205, 6305, 6306, 6308, 6309

Transglide Polymer Idler Rollers

Applicable to such chemical industries as fertilizer, salt, sugar, pulp paper, acid and alkaline, and general industries including coal mining, cement, concrete, limestone and quarry.

Popular features include:

  • Impact Resistance

High tensile strength and impact resistant.

  • Anti-Corroding

Non-corroding, acid and alkaline resistant.

  • Anti-Static Formation

Sparkless, with no particle accumulation onto the surface of the idler.

  • Good Balance

Made by precision injection moulding, provide quality alignment and good effect of smooth, noise-free operation.

  • Labyrinth Seals

Precision bearing housing and labyrinth sealings make the idler bearings waterproof and dustproof.

Please contact our technicians for full details regarding operating conditions and physical properties to ascertain if this roller option is conducive to your requirements.

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