We supply industry-leading pulleys, fabricated using the relevant specification of piping for your specific conveyor system function.

The right pulley shell absorbs more load and stress and protects the belt against abrasive wear, reducing maintenance cost and extending longevity.

Having the correct pulley and its associated lagging ensures superior belt tracking capabilities. All our pulleys have been designed to meet the most exacting requirements.

We are committed to continual innovation and are constantly updating our range. Our expert team will work closely with you to identify the correct options for you.  

All pulleys undergo thorough design and analysis. They are precision ground to be perfectly concentric using the highest quality materials. They offer superior levels of fatigue resistance and are carefully selected for each requirement.

We work closely with our clients with all pulleys being custom designed to their exacting requirements. Get in touch with our support team to find out how we can help.


Kolag ceramic lagging is a ceramic embedded rubber strip lagging. The ceramic tiles are designed with a dimple profile to ensure there is minimal slippage between the belt and drive pulley.

It is especially suitable for wet or muddy applications where slippage can be a problem. The rough ceramic face produces an excellent coefficient of friction between the conveyor belt and the pulley. In some cases this can be up to two times the friction ratio that can be generated with conventional rubber lagging.

The ceramics also are much more wear resistant than conventional rubber lining, and consequently it will be longer before replacement becomes necessary. The unique "arrow-boss" design, produces a ceramic lagging which is on an embossed rubber pattern. This achieves the maximum water shedding benefits of a conventional rubber
lagging, together with the intrinsic benefits of the added ceramics.

The vertical radial troughs in the design incorporate the latest technology derived from formula one racing car tyres, which dictates that the most efficient water shedding pattern is effected by using vortical radial grooves. Kolag comes with a buffed finish or optional bonding layer, to enable it to be cold bonded on site. The benefits of reduced belt slippage will also result in improved conveyor belt life.

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