Monitoring Equipment

Maintaining an optimum bucket elevator system calls for comprehensive monitoring to ensure any faults or malfunctions are detected as early as possible. Safety is paramount, and investing in premium monitoring equipment is an imperative part of any complete bucket elevator system.

All Rubber TMH is a proud supplier of 4B’s wide range of sensors designed to monitor specific elements. The most common areas for monitoring include: bearing temperature, speed/motion, level/plug indication and slack/broken chain detection. All sensors can be connected to 4B’s hazard monitoring systems.

  • Belt Conveyor Monitoring
  • Chain Conveyor Monitoring
  • Bucket Elevator Monitoring
  • Screw Conveyor Monitoring
  • Silo Monitoring

Due to the number of options available in each category, consulting with an All Rubber TMH specialist before making a selection is recommended.

Hazard Monitors

All Rubber TMH offers an extensive stock of hazard monitors created by industry leader 4B known for developing high quality, innovative, and dependable electronic components.

The range of CSA/ATEX/CE/IECEx/GOST-R approved hazard monitoring systems are specifically designed for bucket elevators and conveyors in dust hazard environments.

All Rubber TMH can suggest the ideal system to suit your requirements and budget.

Other equipment deigned by 4B to contribute to safety include:

  • Bearing Temperature Sensors

Overheated bearings are one of the main risk factors for dust explosions in bucket elevators. 4B offers a range of Atex, CSA, IECEx and GOST-R certified bearing temperature sensors and compatible monitoring systems.

  • Alignment Sensors

A line of sensors and switches for detecting misalignment and motion for bucket elevators, belt conveyors, drag chain conveyors as well as screw conveyors.

  • Inductive Sensors

4B inductive proximity sensors detect shaft speed, shaft position, gate position or object presence. No contact is made between the sensor and the target being monitored.

  • Speed Switches

4B's line of speed switches includes: proximity, inductive, zero speed, stop motion and rotech encoders to monitor dangerous belt slip, underspeed or stop conditions on conveyors, bucket elevators and any other shaft driven machinery.

Non-contacting sensors can detect screw conveyor flights, elevator bucket bolts and other moving ferrous targets. Speed switches can be connected to a PLC or 4B hazard monitoring system to provide alarm and/or shutdown of your machinery when dangerous conditions are detected.

  • Junction Boxes

4B junction boxes allow for easy installation of sensors in potentially explosive dust hazard environments.

  • Level Indicators

4B offer a variety of level indicators to detect high/low levels of bulk granular material in bins, tanks and silos. The range includes capacitance point level indicators, rotary paddle switches and capacitance proxy level/plug detectors. Level sensors can be connected to a PLC or one of 4B’s hazard monitoring systems to provide alarm and/or shutdown of your machinery.

A broad selection of alarms, displays and safety switches are also available. Speak to an All Rubber TMH specialist to confirm you have the best possible monitoring equipment, ensuring any potential safety issues with your bucket elevator system are detected and dealt with a soon as possible.

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