Bucket Elevators

We offer an extensive range of bucket elevators and other related products for a range of applications.

Bucket elevators are often used for lifting products in bulk quantities while in granular form. The load will be encased within an enclosed structure and taken to a higher point where it will be unloaded onto a silo.

To do this effectively, you need a solution which offers a combination of high strength belting together with metal or plastic buckets which can be attached to it.

By using a multi-layered fabric construction approach, our belts distribute the load evenly, thereby reducing elongation. As a result, the belts need less time to be re-tensioned, which means you’ll spend less time on maintenance and repair.

These designs are significantly lighter compared to conventional rubber belts and offer a reduced energy consumption. They are a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and cost.   

All our belts have been specifically designed to cope with particular situations. For example, for those working in the food industry, we can offer food-grade belts which are resistant to vegetable oil and animal fat. More heavy-duty industrial applications, meanwhile, will suit specifically-designed abrasion resistant belts.