We use All Rubber exclusively to supply and install Eagle belts on our conveying systems. All our ceramic and rubber lagging is done using All Rubber’s Kolag products, and cured sheeting using their Kontex wear resistant rubber. Their response times and quality of work is excellent and they work with us to come up with solutions to meet the needs of our business.

We were having problems with a conveyor belt in our Fertiliser Super Manufacturing Plant. The super phosphate we were conveying is extremely abrasive and was wearing our conveyor belt so much that it was being replaced on a monthly basis.

The team at All Rubber came up with a solution and advised us to use their Eagle Maxx Tuff belt with extra CU compound. Now the belt lasts over 12 months or more, which is a huge cost saving to CSBP. They are a very customer focused group and I would recommend them to any client.” Steve Cross, Reliability Supervisor, CSBP